Digital Video Recorders (DVR's)


We manufacture our DVR's ourseves, using the finest components for the basic computer.

Our Computer Builder we are proud to partner with   --  SaulTech Computers

120 to 200 gig Hard Drive                  256 to 512 meg Ram

Rack Mount Case.                                    Up to 16 Cameras

Windows based software is so user-friendly you will be using your new DVR system right away.

Security Protocols built into the DVR will allow you to set and forget your system without worrying about someone turning the system off or changing your settings.

Administrator, user & guest access allows you to set how far your employees(or family) can get into the system.

Remote View allows you to check on your camera surveillance system from anywhere you have an internet connection or phone line - On vacation, from home or office.

DVR Surveillance Systems can be hooked up to any kind of camera including: Colour or B&W with motion detector or scheduled recording time.

We manufacture & service our own equipment. 1 Year Warrantee on parts and labour.