Monitored Alarm System FAQ's

Should I get a Monitored Alarm System?

Local systems are ok, but who will hear the alarm when you’re away? With a monitored alarm system, if there is a problem, the authorities will be sent RIGHT AWAY.

What kind of system should I look at?

We cover a variety of different types.

Fire/Carbon Monoxide

Medical Emergency

Intrusion (Burglary)

Environmental ( Water Flow, Air Pressure, Temperature Control, Flooding)

We would be happy to come and provide a free estimate at your home or business to help you determine what type of equipment you need.

What about pets?

State of the art digital PIR (Passive Infrared) motion sensors virtually eliminate false alarms due to pets. These motion sensors are capable of dealing with multiple pets.

Should I use  a Wired or Wireless System?

Where ever possible, a wired system should be the first consideration as is more reliable with less chance of interference. Wireless has it’s advantage in situations when when the prospect of getting a wire between two points is next to impossible.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes, monitored alarm systems come with a 1 , 3 or 5 year contract.

What happens when I go away?

You will still be covered. Monitored alarm systems take away the worry of leaving a home or business unattended. In case of fire or intrusion, the proper authorities will be dispatched. Just give the monitoring station a call and tell them the dates that you will be away.

What about service?

Service is what we’re all about! Any questions, or if service is required, a simple phone call to us at 1-866-645-3484 and we’ll set up a time at your earliest convenience 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. 

Its just that easy.